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Why MyFlex?

As a circus physio, I see a LOT of stretching related injuries! These have many causes, but all boil down to the same principle: the injured students were doing drills that were not specific to THEIR body and THEIR mobility restrictions. When I work with these artists, the keystone of my work is ASSESSING what particular structures are limiting their flexibility, and then ASSIGNING them targeted drills to address that issue. These drills would be integrated directly into their stretching sessions. 

In short, I would CUSTOMIZE their stretching experience based on a thorough assessment of their flexibility. And guess what…these students not only would heal from their injuries quicker, but they would PROGRESS FASTER in flexibility.

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MyFLEX is Centered Around 3 Main Concepts:

1. A one-on-one evaluation with a MyFLEX coach

Harnessing video conferencing technology, a MyFLEX coach of your choosing will personally guide you through the fifteen-part MyFLEX assessment. This targeted assessment accounts for all factors that can limit flexibility for hip extension, pike, straddle, and shoulders/upper back. This quantitative information will be used to create a custom plan that targets YOUR specific limitations!

2. Purposeful assignment of specific drills.

Using the data from your assessment, a customized program will be built around your body’s current limitations. Your custom program will address the main factors that impact YOUR range of motion: muscle tension, nerve tension, and joint mobility. It will also focus on narrowing your active/passive flexibility gaps, thus substantially decreasing injury risk!

3. Continuous improvement through progressive reassessments.

Designing a customized program to your specific needs is the cornerstone of MyFLEX, but limitations will change as the stretches lengthen and exercises strengthen your body! As you progress, the option to have a coach re-evaluate you is a vital element in having a program that will adapt as you improve. The reassessment options are customizable to fit your progress, and you can choose to reassess the whole body, target areas to meet your bendy goals (splits or backbends), or choose just one area to evaluate again.

Meet Your MyFlex Coaches

Dr. Jennifer Crane


Dr. Jen Crane is known for her innovative approach to injury prevention and performance optimization in circus arts. As a dual credentialed physiotherapist and athletic trainer, she’s spent her career working with athletes and artists of all levels – from recreational acrobats, to Cirque de Soleil artists and Olympic gymnasts. Jen loves leveraging her knowledge on the human body to exceed her client's circus goals -- from contortion head-sits to dynamic aerial work; Jen specializes in troubleshooting barriers to goals that you’d never find in textbooks. In addition to her physio work, Jen is currently training and performing in Montreal with a focus on dance trapeze, aerial straps and handbalancing.

Your MyFlex Coaches

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the program?
The most important thing your purchase provides you is the coach provided initial fifteen-part assessment, report card, and customized flexibility program. The report card explains WHAT the results of your flexibility assessment MEAN - in understandable terms - and how your program will address these issues!

The program includes exercises structured into four modules: hip extension, pike, straddle, and shoulders/back. Each module can contain anywhere between 10-25 exercises depending on your specific needs, and these videos can be downloaded to be accessed offline forever! On average, these exercises create a program that is 90-120 minutes long, including the provided warm-up and cool down.

In addition to your custom program, the MyFLEX purchase includes many other perks! Every MyFLEXer has access to an educational video library. These videos discuss the structures of the body, the educational breakdown of each exercise, and the theory/instructions for the assessment tests. EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE in your program comes with a long-form instructional video detailing proper technique, progressions, and regressions. The program will help improve the body AND the mind regarding the body’s functional range of motion.

The next perk included in the program is access to the MyFLEX Online Studio! The MyFLEX coaches will host online classes that can be accessed only by those enrolled in the program. These classes cover various topics from educational information provided by our Physical Therapist professionals, fitness classes, private lessons, coach consultations, or community accountability programs for those that struggle with self-training.

Lastly, while a customized online program is ideal for solo training, we understand the need for COMMUNITY in reaching our goals. Anyone who purchases MyFLEX will be added to the private MyFLEX group on Facebook, where you can connect with hundreds of other MyFLEXers from all around the world to ask questions and get opinions to help you. This group is a great place to find inspiration or accountabilibuddies!

Once a MyFLEXer, always a MyFLEXer! You will have access to all the above perks forever!
How do reassessments work?
The reassessment process has a variety of options to meet your specific goals and progress. Choose between a single module reassessment, a splits combo package (hip extension and pike), a backbend combo package (hip extension and shoulders/back), or do a full-body reassessment covering all four modules. All reassessment options are done with a MyFLEX coach of your choosing and will be a significantly reduced fee from the initial program cost. The amount of coach assessments you can do is unlimited, but we recommend a minimum of four months of consistent practice before purchasing a reassessment.

Note for previous cycles: If you purchased the program that included a specified number of free self-conducted reassessments, you can still submit those reassessments by submitting to [email protected] to receive your updated program. Once all your free reassessments are complete, all future assessments will be done via the new process with a MyFLEX coach.
Program FAQ

What is included in the program?
The purchase price of the program includes a personal 15-part evaluation by a MyFLEX coach, a report card explaining your results, and your customized flexibility program.  The program has exercises grouped into four modules:  hip extension, pike, straddles, and shoulders/upper back.Some additional perks also included with your purchase:

  • Access to the educational video library discussing the anatomical theory behind the major areas of the body influencing flexibility.
  • Access to the Online MyFLEX Studio for additional training and classes with our coaches covering a variety of movement disciplines and topics.
  • Access to the MyFLEX Community group on Facebook where people from around the world can help each other with tips, tricks, motivation, and troubleshooting.


How long will I have access to the program?
Once a MyFLEXer, always a MyFLEXer!  Your student portal on the website will be available to you forever.  You can even download the exercises you are given so that you can access them offline and keep them on your own devices.  There is no time limit assigned with your purchase.


Does it have both active and passive stretches?

Yes, plus SO MUCH MORE!  The program includes the following types of exercises:  nerve glides, soft tissue prep (foam rolling/peanut work), active flexibility, passive flexibility, and end range control strengthening.  The composition of what kind of exercises you will be given will depend on your results from your personal assessment to specifically address the areas you need the most improvement in.


How will I know if I am doing the exercises correctly?

Each exercise video also comes with an education video that breaks down what is supposed to be happening and what to engage.  MyFLEXers can also utilize the educational library to learn the theory behind the anatomy of the body to help understand what the exercises are trying to accomplish. There is also the option to book a Mentorship Session with any MyFLEX Coach to have your form checked via a video conference call.


If a student feels pain or soreness in an exercise how can they address it?

A couple of options are available here!  The student can utilize the community Facebook group to ask the community and coaches about the issue they are having.  This is a free, high level approach that is a good place to start.  If the feedback does not resolve the issue, a MyFLEXer can purchase a mentorship session with any coach to do a form check to see if they are doing the exercise correctly.  Also, if the issue is potentially related to an injury or has been a problem for an extended period, some of our coaches that are also physical therapists offer online telehealth PT sessions.  We will happily connect you directly with these PTs so that you can book sessions with them and safely rehab your injury with physical therapists that Dr. Jen trusts!


What time commitment does the program require?

The program is meant to be as customizable as possible.  Depending on your goals and availability, you can use the program in whatever way best fits your lifestyle.  Each module contains anywhere between 12-24 exercises and doing the whole program (warm up, all four modules, and cool down) can take between 1.5-2 hours.  However, it is not required to do the WHOLE program.  Some people will pair specific modules together (hip extension and pike) to work on a specific goal (square splits). Many people will do one module a day, which takes about twenty to thirty minutes.  


Can I do the program if I am not flexible?

YES!  Since this is a customized program, the exercises that are assigned to your program will be specific to your current movement capabilities.  Beginner to advanced exercises are available to accommodate people of any flexibility level.


Can I do the program if I am already very flexible?

YES!  We have many advanced flexibility students in the program and some of our coaches are contortionists.  The exercises assigned to your program will not only help increase your flexibility, but also help minimize your active and passive gaps to prevent injuries.


Do I need this program if I already train with a local coach or attend flexibility classes?

We LOVE that you have already begun investing in your flexibility journey and are working with a qualified coach!  This program is designed from the perspective of a Physical Therapist to help address areas that many flexibility coaches are not aware of or do not normally include in their classes, which is why our assessment is so involved and unique.  Plus, the MyFLEX program is available to you EVERYDAY.  Paying for a class with a coach every day might not be affordable and attending a flexibility class once a week, with exercises geared towards an entire group, might not address your specific limitations that are holding your back.


Can I do the program even if I do not have a background in circus?

YES!  This program is designed for anyone with a desire to increase their range of motion of their legs, hips, shoulders, and back.  If you are a yogi that wants a deeper wheel, this program will help you with that.  If you are a martial artist that wants higher kicks, this program will help you with that.  Non-circus folks that want to make flexibility gains are ABSOLUTELY welcome to the program!


How long until I see results?

There is nothing magical about the passing of time with flexibility training.  Improvements will come down to doing your program regularly and incorporating rest for your body as it needs.  If you are diligent in doing your program, then you should get results in 3-4 months.  


Remember that “results” look different on everyone!  Sometimes the results are visible, like getting deeper into a pose.  Other times results can be invisible, like feeling more comfortable and pain free in a pose.


As I improve, will my program become obsolete?
Designing a customized program to your specific needs is the cornerstone of MyFLEX, but limitations will change as the stretches lengthen and the exercises strengthen your body!  As you progress, the option to have a coach re-evaluate you is a vital element in having a program that will adapt as you improve.  


How much does a reassessment cost?

Reassessment fees are a FRACTION of the program purchase price to make your improvement as budget friendly as possible.  Options are customizable to fit your progress, and you can choose to reassess the whole body, target areas to meet your bendy goals (splits or backbends), or choose just one area to evaluate again.


When can I sign up?

Enrollment for the MyFLEX program opens four times a year.  Be sure to watch for these announcements on Instagram, Facebook, and in our email newsletters.


Can I sign up if I do not live in the United States?

YES!  MyFLEX currently has over a THOUSAND students enrolled in the program and many are from all over the world! 

Tools Needed

This program won’t require a TON of tools, OR gym/studio access, but there are a few things you’ll definitely want. The links below are only examples of what you’ll need – and, full disclosure, they’re affiliate links! The brand does NOT matter, and you can feel free to gerry-rig your own version of various tools. For example, instead of buying the pack of mini bands, you can tie therabands in a loop. Instead of a peanut, you can tape two tennis balls together. Instead of a yoga strap, use a dog leash! Etc etc.

Two Yoga Blocks
Mini Bands
Superband Door Anchor
Foam Roller
Yoga Strap
Mobility Peanut
Lumbar / Knee Cushion


If you have questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, shoot us a message and we’ll chat!

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